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I am Towman! Able to leap from ditch to ditch in a single bound! I am Towman! Out freezing my butt off on a cold snowy night in some water filled ditch! I am Towman! There to tow your car away from parking lots! They call me the bad dude! Boy do I love this job!?! They love to hate me and can't wait to see
me! I am Towman!

This car spun out of control and hit a small bunch of trees. The driver died on scene.


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I've towed almost everything.
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Hi all!!! Welcome to my site. My name is Doug

Munroe and I have been in the towing industry for

thirty years. This site is about all the things I

have towed and recoverd in British Columbia,

Canada. Hope you like the picture's I have been

collecting over the years I have been towing. Some

of the them may be a bit graphic. Hope you enjoy