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Truck vs. the back of a semi.

Rear view

Side view

Lets go boating!!!

This was a 76 Mustang. The passenger did not survive. Victim of street racing.

It's a bit hard to ride a snowmobile when there's no snow.

Lets go fishing!!!

I got a big one!!

I hope there is a fish in that car!

Nice pole cat!!

I drove this truck when it was new back in 1978

Can you find the car in this picture?

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!

Truck vs. Skidder.

The skidder won.

Right side of corvette

This was a nice corvette until the driver stopped to pick up a hitch hiker and hit a lamp post. Dumb guy!!!

Volkswagen vs. a horse. Sadly the horse lost.

Pole cat

Hang'em high

Just do it

I got one!!

This was a Fiat X19 until a pole hit it.

Car vs. Semi


This car hit a bunch of small trees!!! Ouch!

Amazingly this driver lived.

But I wonder how his legs are?

Lets go 4x4ing!!!